Sunday, April 11, 2010

My day in picures

What do I do on my day off you ask? Well, a lot! Most people probably don't really care what do, but I wanted to do a blog post in pictures about what I did on Friday, April 9th, 2010. The weather inspired me to get out and of coarse run errands. I think it is kinda fun...enjoy!

My bible and prayer time. Great way to start the morning!

got changed out of my pjs and got ready for my run. here is what I wore. lol.

next, my run, beautiful:

then fareware to pick up groceries:

at the bank:

this picture signifies that I was 
1. listening to klove 
2. the air conditioning was on 
3. I finished my iced coffee...yum!

me at the bank and in my shades. Yo.

I arrived home and then I did laundry. Yikes, thats a lot!

while at home, I let the cat in and out all day.

wishing that david would put his shoes away. The closet is like 2 feet away from where this pile is...sigh.

I took a shower, and changed into some comfy and cute clothes for the rest of the day.

I made popcorn for the movie I rented, then I spilled it!

I was so excited to watch this movie with my cheese and crackers, water, 1/2 a bowl of popcorn, and magazine but the dvd player didn't work. soooo bummed.

Because the dvd player didn't work, I went to target and bought some gifts:

then I went home and watched the movie (David fixed the dvd player) then grilled out for dinner:
then I went to symphony rehearsal. I forgot to take a picture there. opps.
That is my day. I loved that the sun was shinning in like every picture! So refreshing. Again, HAPPY SPRING :)

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