Saturday, March 27, 2010

Season 7, Episode 10: Hey, That's My Fabric

This week the designers got to create their own textile. I enjoyed seeing how they designed the fabrics on the computer and the next day it was a bolt of fabric. how cool. good job designers, I want to be a fabric designer now!
{least favorite outfit award} designer, jonathan

{outfit I would wear award} designer, emilio
{beautifully constructed award} designer, jay nicolas and seth aaron

{most creative award} designer, maya 
 {my prediction}
This was a sad week in Project Runway history. Anthony went home (tear). Boy was he hilarious. He will be greatly missed. 
anyways...what is up with Jonathan still being here?!? He doesn't design that great and he doesn't even have that great of a personality, why is he still here over amy and anthony?!? well, I guess this is just how it goes, the name of the game if you will. I wish that PR was like American Idol so America could vote. lol. oh well. The show is still really great. Here is my prediction, and here it is being played out:

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Word to the tired

I have been working lots and have been tired and weak, here is a couple of verses to keep me going. I wanted share with you. Thanks Chuck for highlighting them in youth group tonight. I always learn a lot too, even though I am not in high school.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I found this web site. What a neat concept. I signed up to become a member but there is a waiting list. I'll let you know what it is like if and when I become a member. It is called "Rent The Runway". Check it out!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Season 7, Episode 9: Takin' It to the Street

Teams this week. Each team had a different part of New York City to find inspiration in. is the review for the week!
{least favorite outfit award} designer, jonathan

{outfit I would wear award} designer, seth aaron

{beautifully constructed award} designer, mila

{most creative award} designer, anthony
 {my prediction}
Last week I made this graphic to show how I think designers will and should go home. I am already wrong. lol. Lets see how it plays out in the weeks to come. Man...I never want this show to end! 


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

All things green

In honor of St. Patrick's are all things green. ENJOY!


What is your favorite picture above?


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Concert with Dame Kiri Te Kanawa

Tonight was a delightful concert with the Sioux City Symphony. The guest artist was Dame Kiri Te Kanawa.
Her voice was fantastic. I really enjoyed "working" with her, if you will. lol. She was a relaxing, yet inspiring musician.
She changed outfits 3 times during this concert. I am so glad she did, I thought about if she would or not, and she did not disappoint! I wish that I had pictures of her dresses. But I was on stage with my violin...not my cell phone to snap a pic :( Nonetheless, they were gorgeous.
I will do my best to explain and use some graphics to help you all visualize.

Floor length silver sequins dress, it was fitted with a slight "v" neck. 
Over the top of this sparkly dress was a white silk jack. It was longed sleeved and had a train. On the collar and end of the sleeves it had little sparkly gems. So dramatic, but so sleek!

She performed in this outfit:
W.A. MOZART  Le Nozze Di Figaro, "Porgi Amor" and "Dove  Sono"

Fitted floor length white dress with black small graphic flowers.
Again, she wore the dramatic white silk jacket over the top of this.
She performed in this outfit:
G. PUCCINI, "Quando men vo" from La Boheme
E.W. KORNGOLD "Marietta's Lied" from Die tote Stadt ***
G. PUCCINI, "Donde lieta usci" from La Boheme
F. CILEA, "lo son l'umile ancella" from Adrianan Lecouvreur 

An orange off the shoulder floor length dress. This also had a bit of sparkle. This dress had this orange "feather like" (maybe organza??) around the neck and the bottoms of the sleeves. Little slit up the side (above her knee), so she could walk.
She performed in this outfit:
G. GERSHWIN "By Strauss"
L. BERNSTEIN "Somewhere" from West Side Story ***
J. KERN "Can't Help Lovin Dat Man" from Show Boat
ROGERS & HAMMERSTEIN "You'll Never Walk Alone" from Carousel
3 Encores:
Oh Bambino  
and one other one that was in a different language I didn't know.
Her accessories included diamonds....just like these:
The orchestra also performed pieces without her:
W.A. MOZART  Le Nozze Di Figaro, "Overture"
P. MASCAGNI, Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana ***
G. ROSSINI, Overture to "L'Italiania in Algeri"
C. PORTER Overature to Anything Goes
*** my favorites pieces of the night
Who says that symphony music is was a refreshing night full of music and fashion in Sioux City.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Project Runway. Season 7, Episode 8: The Elements of Fashion

This week the designer's had to design their "look" based on the elements of earth, wind, or fire. Hmm...see if you can tell what "element" each designer had.

{least favorite outfit award} designer, mila

{outfit I would wear award} designer, emilio

{beautifully constructed award} designer, seth aaron

{most creative award} designer, jay nicolas

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

82nd Academy Awards

Most of the movies in the past year that were nominated, I have not even seen. But the dresses keep me watching every year!
Beautiful stage. Loved this dance number:

Ahh...the red carpet. Shall we take a look at the best and worst dressed?

Worst dressed:

Best dressed:

Dress I would wear:

Look at the similarities I saw in Demi Moore's dress and my wedding dress. The booth have like the same overlapping of fabric! I'm cool. jk.
Ok that is all for now!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Project Runway. Episode 7: Hard Wear

This week the designers had to shop at a hardware store instead of "Mood" (fabric store). Fun challenge! 
{least favorite outfit award} designer, jonathan
{outfit I would wear award} designer, amy
{beautifully constructed award} designer, jay
He made this outfit using garbage bags! It looks like leather!
{most creative award} designer, maya
 That jacket thing is made out of rope! Impressive.
{favorite designer award} designer,maya