Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I organized my closet on Wednesday night. It felt so good, and I can find everything now :) The winter is packed away and now on to the spring!
Here are some images of inspiring organized closets (NOTE, my closet does not look like these, but something to aspire to...if you will):


Season 7, Episode 14: The Finale, Part 2

Seth Aaron won season 7 of Project Runway. Great job! I liked you from the beginning Seth!
To celebrate I am going get a tattoo just like seth on my neck. hahahah, jk.
Emilio had an awesome collection. Mila did a good job too. Here are my highlights from the FINAL show :(

Mila's collection:
{outfit I would wear award}
{beautifully constructed award}
{wow that is terrific texture award} 
Emilio's collection:
{outfit I would wear award}
{beautifully constructed award}
 {wow that is terrific texture award}
Winner, Seth Arron's collection:
{outfit I would wear award}
{beautifully constructed award}
{beautifully constructed award #2}
 {wow that is terrific texture award}
And the finalized graphic:
Until next season! What am I going to write about on my blog every week? Well, whatever it is...I am just going to "make it work!"

Friday, April 16, 2010

Season 7, Episode 13: The Finale, Part 1

wow, jay or mila??!? I totally wanted jay to go to bryant park. But it just didn't happen!
Mila was chosen. Which is cool because I do enjoy all of her black and white graphic looks. One of jay's looks, very striking:
Here is the updated graphic. I was so wrong, I guess I thought jay was going to win. welp, that is totally not an option any more. lol.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My day in picures

What do I do on my day off you ask? Well, a lot! Most people probably don't really care what do, but I wanted to do a blog post in pictures about what I did on Friday, April 9th, 2010. The weather inspired me to get out and of coarse run errands. I think it is kinda fun...enjoy!

My bible and prayer time. Great way to start the morning!

got changed out of my pjs and got ready for my run. here is what I wore. lol.

next, my run, beautiful:

then fareware to pick up groceries:

at the bank:

this picture signifies that I was 
1. listening to klove 
2. the air conditioning was on 
3. I finished my iced coffee...yum!

me at the bank and in my shades. Yo.

I arrived home and then I did laundry. Yikes, thats a lot!

while at home, I let the cat in and out all day.

wishing that david would put his shoes away. The closet is like 2 feet away from where this pile is...sigh.

I took a shower, and changed into some comfy and cute clothes for the rest of the day.

I made popcorn for the movie I rented, then I spilled it!

I was so excited to watch this movie with my cheese and crackers, water, 1/2 a bowl of popcorn, and magazine but the dvd player didn't work. soooo bummed.

Because the dvd player didn't work, I went to target and bought some gifts:

then I went home and watched the movie (David fixed the dvd player) then grilled out for dinner:
then I went to symphony rehearsal. I forgot to take a picture there. opps.
That is my day. I loved that the sun was shinning in like every picture! So refreshing. Again, HAPPY SPRING :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Season 7, Episode 12: The Big, Top Designers

The circus is in town this week during project runway :)
Here is my review!
{least favorite outfit award} designer, anthony
{outfit I would wear award} designer, emilio
I have know idea where I would wear But it is so awesome!

{beautifully constructed award} designer, jay
{most creative award} designer, mila
Well, I must say...I did have the top 4 right. Sad to see Anthony go again, but I knew it was going to happen. I just couldn't decide who would go home when it came down to Seth Aaron, Emilio, Mila, or Jay. They are all really good designers. I am so glad that there was a tie between Jay and Mila. I feel good about this, I want Jay to win the tie! I think they both have it in them...time will tell!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Season 7, Episode 11: Sew Much Pressure

Oh my word! Project Runway was awesome this week. So many twists and turns. First off, Maya, backed out of the competition. Sad. She was good, but I understand her reasoning. After that long good-buy to Anthony last week, HE IS BACK. It is shorta like Jesus being raised from the dead...Anthony is back! JK, lol, but just a fun thought.

The challenge this week was to design a dress for Heidi to wear on the red carpet. Oh man. Here is my review:
{least favorite outfit award} designer, jonathan

{outfit I would wear award} designer, anthony

{beautifully constructed award} designer, emilio

{most creative award}
I don't really have a creative award. The others were just weird.

Must I say that I am supper excited that Jonathon is gone. I wish he would have gone home before Amy though. I never really liked anything he designed. Here is the updated graphic, check it out!

He has risen, Easter images

Lets enjoy the beauty of this holiday. Praise the Lord that He is risen!

last year's easter hunt at grandpas :)