Saturday, February 20, 2010

Season 7, Episode 6: A Little Bit of Fashion

This week the designers had to design outfits for little girls. It was so fun. I loved this episode. One of my favorites. Then there was a surprise, the next day they had to pull together a coordinating outfit for the a "grown up", which was the models. Here is my review!
{least favorite outfit award} designer, amy
 I don't know what amy was thinking, but this is just hilariously ugly. hahaha...better luck next time girl! "A" for trying to think outside the box and do something different.

{outfit I would wear award} designer, ben
 Love the colors, love the fit, love how they match. I would wear this :)

{beautifully constructed award} designer, seth
Awww, seth. How you are my favorite designer on the show. I am so glad you won. Congrats. You really deserved it. I thought it was adorable when the little girl said that her favorite part about the outfit was her purse. You really "got it" for this week. The mom's look is so modern, and the outfit was beautifully constructed! I love black and white together, I want you to win so I can buy your clothes. lol :)

{most creative award} designer, ben
This gets the most creative award because I think that ben was creative and did a perfect job with putting the mom and the daughter's outfit together. fantastic with the gray and black/red accents in both outfits. Sharp and polished. Love the flower in the girls hair!

{favorite designer award} designer, jay
I realized this week that Jay is a good designer. He has had some solid outfits these past weeks. So we will see how well he does. Good job Jay. 


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