Sunday, February 7, 2010


I am a member of Modcloth's street team. We are called ModSquad. Here is our assignment we were supposed to do! Fun.

The first style question is sent by Carlee from Canada.
I am considering buying the Whirlwind of Wonder Frock for my grade nine farewell. I'm not looking for anything too dressy and I need a a suggestion for shoes to go with this dress. I don't want to wear heels, either flats or sandals, can you list some places to look for or colours that would work well?
By the way, I live in Canada so brands/stores from the States wont do. (Note ModStylists: we ship all over the world, so pay no heed to this!)

What I wrote and put together:
Hi Carlee from Canada!
I think this dress is perfect for your event. This dress would look best accessorized with pinks and golds I think!
Buy a few new things (earring, shoes, etc.) and you can also incorporate what you already have in your wardrobe in the pink and gold family. 
Do everything in gold and add one piece that is pink! It will really make your outfit stand out, but be totally adorable and relaxed all in one.


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