Saturday, February 27, 2010

fashion cat

Ok, project runway was a re-run this week (big disappointment in my Thursday night!) Hopefully we will be on track for next week!

Here is a fun photo I found and I am posting this in honor of David. Fashion and cats...great!

Also, these I found on Etsy and I thought they were so fun and adorable! I wish blackey would sleep in one of these in the night. It would totally look neat/chic in our bedroom, but I am almost 100% sure blackey would still sleep in our bed :( David spoils him so bad!



  1. If I was a cat, I'd totally sleep in one of those! But I'm glad I'm not a cat, because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't enjoy licking myself clean.

  2. Those are adorable. Punk likes to find my feet, walk over them a few times and then lay down on top of my legs. I don't know if he's afraid I'll leave or if he just likes to make me uncomfortable, but he's picked a pretty dangerous place. Andy kicked him in the face in his sleep once!