Friday, February 12, 2010

Project Runway Review (Episode 5, Run for cover)

This week was a good week of project runway! There was a lot of good designs. This week they had to design an outfit for Heidi Klum to wear on the cover of Marie Claire (april issue). Here were my thoughts:
{least favorite outfit award}designer, janeane marie
I really wish that she would have gone home. Last week and this week she had a terrible dress with ugly hems. 

{outfit I would wear award} designer, ben

{beautifully constructed award} designer, jesse
and designer, seth

{most creative award} designer, anthony

{favorite designer award} designer, anthony
I am so excited that Anthony won the challenge. His designs have been good and terrible. He is so funny on the show and makes me laugh so much. I am so proud of him and glad he won this challenge! His dress was beautiful.

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