Monday, January 18, 2010


Recap for all of those who don’t know. After the 29th of January, I will not be employed with my current company as a graphic designer. They are outsourcing my department. Lol.

So…I have been looking for jobs for a while. I have talked to a lot of people. Given my resume to everyone I meet practically. I showed my portfolio to a couple of “key players”, if you will, here in Sioux City. Trying everything I can to get a graphic design job. Nothing has come up…yet.

I interviewed and got offered a job at the 4-H extension office in Sioux City. I would have been doing the marketing for 4-H. After much prayer and getting wise advise from others, I turned this job down today. It was hard to do because it had everything I needed (money, benefits, vacation, ect). I was not excited for this job. I felt that I would defiantly not like being a “marketer”. I would not enjoy the tasks. I felt like if I were to take the job, I would only be giving it 50% of me and be using this position as a temporary job until I found something else I liked better. I didn’t want to do that to them, that character is not something I want to be known for. I do understand the fact that life is filled with things you don’t want to do. It is a part of life. For me, it was more than not enjoying the tasks. It was missing God telling me this was the right place for me to be. Very key for me to have God showing me and telling me if it is right or wrong. By me not taking this job, it is stretching my faith. I have never had to use this much faith in my life. Truly I can say that God is going to provide a job for me. Something that He wants me to do, I have no idea what this is because it seems to me that I have tried everything and looked everywhere. God is so much bigger than a job and He can do whatever he wants in my life. One thing I have learned in the past that God’s timing is always awesome and so perfect. Can I get an amen to that?!? I am trying to be patient and listen to what God has to show me. I am excited about His plan not mine, some times easier said than done though!

A verse that is keeping me going. Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

With all this being said, thank you for taking the time to read. Please keep me and my job in your prayers, as I know you have been. I feel them. Thank you.



  1. Your blog is snowing. I really like that, but at first, I thought there was something wrong with my eyes, because the words kept flickering as I read... neato Jude!
    I just updated myself on your blog! I didn't know the Starks were moving to Texas! It will be a big change for your family, but you're right- you get to go visit and that will be great!
    Love you JudyBligh!

  2. Hey Judy...

    I am proud of you for this decision and your willingness to share about it. God WILL lead and guide you as you continue to make decisions like this that honor Him and honor who you are becoming in Him!


  3. Are you still looking? Do you have a link to your portfolio that I could forward to someone in the area I know looking?