Friday, October 15, 2010

My blog's BIRTHDAY is today

It has been 1 year for simplyJUDYBLIGH. 
I love blogging and hope to keep it going strong...hopefully even more posts than last year. For the first year, I posted 101 times. Not bad!

My goals for my blog a year from now:
-is to post 200 times in the second year. 
-to get at least 50 followers (if you don't follow me...please do so)

So...happy BIRTHDAY blog.
p.s. want to make this cake in the picture above. go here.


  1. Hi there...I just found your blog link, thought Id stop by and say HI....come see me too..Ill follow you back if you want hunnie!!

    HAPPY Blogiversary too!!!

    Stop by and say hello♥
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  2. Happy birthday, Judy's blog!!! I am following you now :D