Saturday, July 17, 2010

A snapshot from last weekend

Last weekend, David and I went to Des Moines. It was so fun. I love it there. I love my family there. Here are the best snapshots from the trip (photographer: Me-simplyJUDYBLIGH). lol.

First stop Saturday morning, the downtown Farmers Market!
Jayne, this breakfast pizza I ate was for you:
Awesome graphic design posters. I took a photo so I could remember it and use it as inspiration:
Walking back to the farmers market:

Next stop...pool. These slides David went down like a billion times. He LOVES water slides.
We went to this Jazz in July concert at the end of the day (we walked from our house, onto the golf coarse to get there):
David got this toy thing that was so fun to play with. I like when it went under the old persons chair!!!!
Play the video:

Sisters <3 <3 <3:


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  1. I want to be home so bad! Thanks for eatting pizza for me, that's what I would have picked! Were you at the Clive pool?