Sunday, June 27, 2010

Scarf Challenge #3

Scarf Challenge #3! 
I wore the scarf as a head band! Fun :)
Well, this challenge was great to put together. If you have any more challenges, ideas, or items for me...shoot me an email ( or leave a comment.
*Note: do you like my purple tank top? It has this crochet back. Look what this fashion blogger says about crochet right now. It is a nice feminine detail that you think an older generation would wear, but totally wearable today!*


  1. Okay, I love the Scarf Challenge. The one question I'm dying to ask: Is David your photographer? Because if so, I am going to giggle and walk around with a smile on my face all day. There's no way I could get Chuck to do that... :)

  2. Ellen, yes! David is my photographer. It is like pulling teeth to get him to do this for me. Then when I get him, I have about a 3 to 5 minutes span of time. Enough time to get a couple of good shots...hopefully! I need to get a tripod or something :)