Sunday, November 22, 2009

what I am thankful for entry #2

I am thankful for is my mom, Connie Leinen!

I have always been thankful for my mom. She has always put my needs in-front of her own needs! But this year I want to give her a special THANK YOU because she was such a huge blessing in helping my fiancĂ© and myself plan our wedding this past August. I am thankful for my mom because of all the time she put into our very special day, the day a girl dreams about for her whole life! She knew how important it was for me. She was not controlling, but supportive in every way. Without my mom’s touches, our wedding day would not have been as lovely. My beautiful mother made over 300 tissue paper flower puffs. It took her months to do. See below:

She also was a moral support and kept me calm when I called her freaking out about my wedding plans. She brought my wedding dress from Des Moines to Sioux City. She lost a bunch of weight, go mom! She brought her collection of cake stands (about 20) and some plates for my cupcakes (again from Des Moines to Sioux city) See below:

The list of things my mother did for me goes on and on. I am so thankful for her not only my whole life, but especially this year with her helping, supportive hand with our wedding. My mother's love, support, honesty, and encouragement has helped shape me into who I am today. My hope one day is to grow up and be as beautiful as my mom, inside and out!

She is tying my bow!

My mom and I have the same facial expression!
Thanks mom, you are really appreciated, I love you!

This entry is for ModCloth Thanksgiving Thank-a-Thon Blog Contest.

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