Sunday, December 19, 2010

I need your help

One of my best friends, Annie, is getting married on January 1st, 2011! I am so excited to see her and her fiance, Adeng, become one. 
I need your help, I can't decide which dress to wear. Here is some info about the wedding so you can get a feel of what dress would be most appropriate.
It is going to be an afternoon wedding at a church in Omaha, NE. A cake reception to follow. The colors are red and gold. My other best friend, Katie, and I are in charge of the guest book. 
How fun, all my college friends will be reunited again! I can't wait :)
So, here are your choices:
A. navy blue and gold dress
B. all gold dress
C. red dress
D. 'little' black dress
I will be wearing fun black tights, black or gold heals, and a sweater/cardigan of some short over the 'winning' dress. 
OK! VOTE on the side bar in the upper right corner!!!!
Can't wait to see what everyone thinks.
Simply Judy Bligh

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