Saturday, May 1, 2010 - Noah's Ark Hoax Claim Doesn't Deter Believers

They think they might have found Noah's ark. If this goes through and it is the "real ark", it would thrill me! To know that something was discovered in my time that I have read so much and believe about from the Bible. Awesome. I hope this discovery is the real ark, and I pray that we can get more information on this! Knowing the world and media, this is not going to be an easy processes.
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Can I also remind everyone that God gave us a sign, a rainbow, to remind everyone then and to come that He will never flood the earth again. That was his COVENANT to us, and he has been so faithful to do so thus far.
This photo was taken by David right before we left to go to the Bahamas on our cruise ship. I think this is a neat picture because we where on a boat, just like Noah and his family. lol,

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