Sunday, October 18, 2009

I never thought I would write about this...

Fall is here. That means, apple pie, falling leaves, pumpkin patches, apple cider…right?

Nope, not right! Lol, my fall has been filled with FOOTBALL!!! Now that I am a wife to a wonderful husband, David, I have to watch and enjoy football. Before I was married the only football I watched was the Super Bowl. That was only because it was a party with good food and friends!

See picture below to understand how excited David gets about this every weekend:

I am watching the Bears game as I write this blog, I watched football yesterday, and every Monday night. Football is consuming my life. I am glad I have a blog to keep me busy. lol. I am learning a lot about the rules and understand a little bit about how the game works. Which is good I guess J

This was so cool and interesting to me today:

This game was in the snow. They had to like snow-blow the yard lines in the field. How hilarious, I thought this was the coolest and funniest thing I have seen in football!

David totally owes me one for enjoying and taking time to learn about football, I think he should watch Project Runway with me!

Ok, now back to the game…go broncos, wait i mean...go bears!!! :)

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